“Är det här Amerika?” (“Is this America?”) – Anna Ödén-Westman, the year of 1916, when arriving at the logghouse of Pete Westman

“Nej, nej, jag vill inte förlora några fler barn!”(No, no, I do not want to loose anymore children) Märta Ödén, middle of 1920

Emigration, especially to North America, was a very important issue in our family. My grandmother grew up with uncles, aunts, brothers and neighbors leaving their home country for a new, unknown future, probably with lot´s of dreams.

“No, no! I do not want to loose any more children”, my great grandmother Martha cried, when children Ragnhild and Ivar announced their plans of emigration. For my great grandma emigration felt like great sorrows. Two sons left the country 1911 and 1916, three young sons died 1912, 1920, 1926. Still one more son will in spite of the will of mother, join his brothers in America.

Emigration was a solution against poverty, poor prospects, religion bigotry, adventure. Regarding to my relatives I think the motives were a combination of poor prospects, poverty and adventure.