My novels

Based on my genealogical research, I have written two books, historical novels.

The first book "Som linets styrka" is a family novel, which also includes a description of life in the countryside during the 19th century, especially in the parish of Nätra, Ångermanland, with years of need and poverty, the power of the church, superstition, the vulnerability of women, farmers and squatters, maids and servants , emigration, but also elusive love in a time full of tradition. Flax handling was important in Nätra, for the household, but also provided an opportunity for extra income. The work with the flax was labor intensive, involving the whole household from the children who had to help in clearing the flax field to maids, servants, housewives and sometimes even the farmer himself. 
"En väg att vandra" is a direct continuation of "Som linets styrka" ("Like the strength of linen"), with the crofter's struggle to provide for a growing family. A homestead is what  August strove for, requires a move to foreign lands. 

Social development and living conditions improve, but the trials are difficult with war abdications, continued emigration, illness and unimaginable suffering. The post-war period offers visits to America with joy that lasts for several years. The novel takes place in Nätra and Arnäs parishes, Västernorrland county, during the first half of the 20th century. We also get to experience the birth of the town of Örnsköldsvik, at the same time that Bjästa loses the battle as a central location.


I like to give lectures and talk about my books, about writing, about genealogy, especially with a focus on sources other than church records.